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Today’s Cities
Today more than half of the population of the planet lives in cities. In 25 years, 7 out of 10 people will live in a city.

If you blindly believe in mass media reports, you may conclude that Quality of Life in our cities is doomed on the face of this urban population growth.
In CITIVIVA we are optimistic !
When some worry about overpopulation, we see abundance of talent
When media predicts scarcity, we instead see a thriving economy of sharing
When many predict increased hostility, we see a new wave of cooperation among citizens


CITIVIVA is a unique web-based service, which combines a Social Network and a Cloud Service Platform(SaaS) to create a virtual space that:
Connects citizens, with what they like and dislike about living in their city.
Empowers citizens to come on-line and organize themselves to work on issues of common interest.
Measures and publishes citizen satisfaction with public services.
CITIVIVA facilitates awareness of city issues, to drive a virtuous of learn, engage and actuate.

CITIVIVA makes possible the miracle of livable, serviceable and governable cities.

Social Impact
In a CITIVIVA city, citizens do not have to alter their daily lives to be informed about city issues.
In a CITIVIVA city, citizens share easily and publicly what they like or dislike about their city.
In a CITIVIVA city, whatever good happens in a section of the city becomes visible and enviable for other parts to emulate, and whatever bad is reported in a neighborhood becomes known to others to avoid.
In a CITIVIVA city, anybody who cares about the city can see the topics or issues of interest to its citizens and they can use the information to propose innovative solutions, which will enhance the quality of for all.

CITIVIVA benefits all: citizens, community organizations, colleges and universities, chambers of commerce, local media, service companies and local governments.

Quality of Life
In CITIVIVA we believe that cities provide a better Quality of Life when we, as citizens:
Have plenty of free time to enjoy
Feel safe and respected in our communities as well as in the city at large
All work to protect our environment
Can afford to live with dignity regardless of our socioeconomic level
Have faith in our cities

In the future, when people talk about successful cities with high Quality of Life, they will know it is all about intelligent citizens, living in intelligent cities, with intelligent services and intelligent local governments.

Who we are
William Nazaret

William Nazaret


30 years of business experience in Telco and Internet industries worldwide. He has been CEO of private and public companies and has proven IPO and M&A experience.

    Yara Maldonado

    Yara Maldonado

    Director Customer Experience

    12 years of experience as an executive in the IT and Telco industries in Latin-America of which 10 have been in the Customer Care business.

      Gilberto Lobatón

      Gilberto Lobatón

      Metropolitan Miami Director

      35 years of experience as a sales executive in the IT & TELCO industries in LATAM.

        Angélica Alvaray

        Angélica Alvaray

        President and Chief Operating Officer

        17 years of experience in business development in Latin-America within the Engineering Project Management industry.

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          Our goal is to transform the main metropolitan areas of the world into better places to live.
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